Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg

Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg

Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg
Cook Off Potjies
Cook Off Team Building in a MasterChef Competition with an Amazing Race or Escape Room is one of the top team building events in Sandton, Johannesburg. Each team get a pot and a mystery box. The mystery boxed have various herbs, spices, new utensils, and not so easy to find veggies.

Teams then have to swop or trade these ingredients and utensils. Teams also get pre-cooked braai meat, and have to build a stew that represents a cuisine - tandoori, teriyaki, green curry, butter chicken, Greek, etc. The pots are then simmered for 60 minutes in our smoke oven, and wallah! All meat is halaal, and include chicken and lamb. We regret, no pork or beef. The Cook Off Casseroles are served as side meals on the table with lunch - as an extra with the main lunch menu!
Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg
Morningside Country Club

Select from tree great Team Building Venues in Sandton, but we can have your Cook Off Team Building anywhere at any venue.
  • Morningside Country Club - 1 De La Rey Rd, Edenburg, Sandton, 2128
  • House of Pharaohs - 1 Gaunt Ave, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191
  • Bryanston Sports Club - Payne Rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191
Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg
Our Smoke Oven
Team Building Itinerary
The Cook Off Team Building can be a Full Day or Half Day team building activity
09h00 - Coffee and Pastries
09h20 - Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities
10h00 - Cook Off Team Building
11h00 - Refreshments and Cold Drinks
11h20 - Choose from our many team building activities
  • Traditional Games 
  • Green Screen Movie Making 
  • Escape Room 
  • Amazing Race
  • Minute to Win It
  • Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg
    Spit Braai Lunch Option
  • Barefoot Bowls (only at Morningside)
13h00 - The Cook Off Casseroles the table
13h00 - Select from our lunch menus
  • Roast Chicken, Vegetable Lasagna & Assorted Salads, served with three assorted salads. 
  • Braai Buffet with a Man-size T-bone steak, Wors and Chicken served with Pap, Gravy, Greek Salad, and Bread Rolls.
  • Lamb Spit served with Pap, Gravy, Greek Salad and Bread Rolls. Min of 40 people.

Cook Off Team Building Johannesburg
Escape Room
14h00 - Watch edited video - hilarious
14h20 - Depart at Leisure

Special Dietary Requirements
Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan meals are included. Strict Halal meals are ordered from Barcelos at the Main Shopping Centre (tel: 011 466 0047). Kosher meals are ordered and delivered by Totally Kosher (tel: 011 430 1940).

A cash bar is optional.

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